Anyware Banking lop

This system has facilitated Any-where Banking facility through all our Branches and Extension Counters.
This system has enabled us to launch host of customer friendly services, such as..

Multi-city cheque book facility : This facility has helped many of our corporate/commercial clients in their business. Multi-city cheques are often known as ‘at par' cheques payable at all branches of the bank, within the framework of the clearing norms.
Instant Funds Transfer : This helps many of our customers to transfer their business/ personal funds instantaneously to any of our branches.
Electronic Clearing Services : Periodic payments such as monthly/quarterly interest on fixed deposits, dividend on our shares etc. can now be instantaneously credited to the beneficiaries account at any of our branches or at any other bank-branch.

anywhere Banking

. Initially only the credit transactions will be uploaded. The settlement cycle for the same is one day ONLY.