Saving Deposite

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Simple Saving Account Simple Saving Account
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Saving Deposite

Recurring Deposit Period is 12 month to 60 month. If the deposit is premature than interest is calculated as per saving interest rate. If account is open from agent and its premature than 3 % commission is deduct from its deposit amount.interest Rate : 11%

Home Loan fromRs. 10000 up to 15 lacs 1 year up to 15 years. Interest Rate Is 17%. Penal Rate is 4 % , Process, Security And Building Fund 1%.Respectively And Annual Service Charge up to Rs. 1 lac rs 200 and Rs 100/- for next per lac.


Also providing following facilities shortly:

In this facility our customers can pay their Direct Taxes( started from 11/08/2008) and Indirect taxes ( will begin from 25/8/2008) debiting their account through our Bank.