Term Deposit

Scheme NameScheme Description
RECURRING DEPOSIT Recurring Deposit Period is 12 month to 60 month. If the deposit is premature than interest is calculated as per saving interest rate. If account is open from agent and its premature than 3 % commission is deduct from its deposit amount. Interest Rat
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Also providing following facilities shortly:

Tie up with IDBI Bank for issuance of Demand Drafts: This facility will be helpful for issuing demand drafts on approximately 500 centers of IDBI Bank. In this facility we can issue the demand drafts to the customer having special demand for Nationalized Banks demand drafts for payment of custom etc.
NECS( National Electronic Clearing System): In this system the ECS file will be uploaded centralized at MRO. Initially only the credit transactions will be uploaded. The settlement cycle for the same is one day only.