The 'Shri Renukamata Multistate Co-Op Urban Credit Society' is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countryside around the India. Our mission is to help people help themselves and their environment by providing reso- URCES.


Our Multistate Society has implemented CORE BANKING TECHNOLOGY on 17th May 2009, which resulted in prompt and accurate services to customers. Now customers can do the transactions from any branch through ANY BRANCH BANKING facility IMMEDIATELY.

Renuka Bhavan

The Multistate Societies Head Office, 'Renuka Bhavan' is base at Ahmadnagar. The Multistate Society has a wide network of more than 47branches. Our Society adopts the new technology of banking which already successful implement by the private-sector bank. We are not depend on traditional banking like collect the deposit and distribute the loan & get the margin between loan and deposit intern as a profit, but we adopt the commercial practice like we provide the service to our customer & getting the commission like issue a payable cheque on various banks, electronic transfer facility, all local or out station cheque DD clearing facility, the all payment related with our customer paid by our society behalf of customer like pay light bill, phone bill, Insurance premium etc. we also provide the nationalized bank demand draft on 20 paise to our customer. In short we get huge revenue from those activities. Our Society get 80 to 90% revenue from indirect income, that?s why we are not concentrate on deposits or loans. If our financial position exam by any who get the following POINTS?